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  • Mithila Malaviya


Updated: May 1

There lived a girl one day. Way behind her era and way ahead her age. It was an amazingly odd combination. None understood her no one could connect with her thoughts, however she understood everyone. All age groups.

She had the mind of a 50 year old army man. That much of an battle scarred brain, but the heart of a 3 year old.

She wanted someone from the 70s or even someone from 40s would do. Who would look at the mountains the flowers and compare his love to that. At the same time she was crazy about bikes, cars- from Harley Davidsons to Volkswagen and Bently. It all. She was a little boy when she had to perform friendly duties and a little girl from the orthodox part of India as a girlfriend. No one knew what to do with her. Moreover, everyone fell in love with her. She was the warm embrace of vodka after a break up. No one could help but to fall in her well of bollywood-bikes-WWE-ed sheeran-poetry-painting-madPSYCHOLOGY. She was, in the teenage slang, a complete weirdo.

She had wings like that of an Albatross. The most endlessly long ever seen. However, she grew up in a society with social norms. They tore those wings, one feather at a time. To her she wondered it was how people grew up. “Maybe everyone has gone through it. Maybe this is why they say life is tough.” Obviously getting your wings torn feather by feather is very hurtful. It was hard. Till she realised everything was a choice. Everything could be chosen. Everything is not supposed to be done just because people have been following a norm for centuries. There were people who have changed the norms. She believed she was one of them. Yet the society had torn her feathers to 1/3rd of their size. She couldn’t fly anymore. She was no more than a chicken. She had the wings but she couldn’t fly.

Or could she?

She believed she could. She stopped letting the society even near her feathers anymore. Nonetheless the damage was too much. Too much for anyone to come back from. A 50 year old may never get a perfect hip health would he? It will dislocate. She was in that area. The feathers were ruined.

Still, she was trying. In this day and age, what can not be done. Like anyone else, she googled it!! She did everything the unknown world of internet told her to do. They were not coming back. They needed love more than anything else.

But the only love it got was that of her. Everyone around her damaged them, abused them, maltreated them.

Would she be able to fly anymore?


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