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Can an artist make anything utterly independent of who they are? Maybe you can; I can not. I do not comprehend anything other than the necessity to make a piece that is significant to moments of my life. Since my life is not being lived in pieces and is ever-changing, my works are also frequently re-made or added on-to if need be. Using materials or tools as a language that help me recognize and transcribe my thoughts into art, I use myself as the levain for any project. Discovering or learning a medium during a project is a part of my process and is as crucial as developing the idea itself. 

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Feel free to get in touch with me for collaborations or any other type of creative work, if I can not do it, I will find the best way to do it!

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NYC: +1 (646) - 353 - 7581

Bombay: +91 9769902260

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