Born and raised in India, Mithila started her artistic journey in Paris. Based in Paris for two years, she established a broad understanding of where and how art began. Paris gave her abilities a ground to stand on and she took advantage of being in Europe. She voyaged around Europe to gain more art experiences that other European Cultures had to offer. After backpacking through western Europe, Mithila took a big step in her journey to expand her artistic knowledge by moving to New York. Being the melting pot that is Manhattan, Mithila was able to grasp a deeper understanding of her own work and is currently finishing her degree in the Big Apple. Being from India, she is very influenced by her culture and tries to incorporate it into her work as much as she can. She one day wishes to teach everyone about the millions of different Indian cultures while she absorbs the same from the rest of the world. 

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Feel free to get in touch with me for collaborations or any other type of creative work, if I can not do it, I will find the best way to do it!

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 mithilamalaviya@gmail.com  | 

NYC: +1 (516) - 508 - 2014

Bombay: +91 97609902260

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