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Windows of Isolation-
Picchla Jharokha & Zoom today

In the piece Windows of Isolation - (Past) Picchla Jharokha and Zoom Today, I showcase the similarities between a Jharokha and a Zoom. Both being windows of isolation that peak outside where the world seems to be unraveling, I mix my culture with the times we live in. Jharokha's use by the royals to avoid crowds and by the women who were forced to view parties in the palace from here is exactly why we use Zoom in the pandemic. Though the one difference that haunts me is how the women who were forced to use the Jharokha never complained, not that they were expected to, but everyone forced to use Zoom do, like everyone expected. Picchla Jharokha also encloses a short diary entry on its interior wall with introspective feelings expressed on its small windows. Similarly, Zoom Today has an interior that displays a screen recording of an anxious overthinker spending their free time during isolation in the pandemic. With Picchla Jharokha and Zoom Today side by side, I invite people to take a peek inside and outside themselves. Walk into my personal diary while reading my monologue and get flooded with the shadows of my feelings. Then walk over to Zoom Today to see a recap of 2020

Individual Feelings

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