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The Mohabattien Project




One envelope with its contents displayed on a table. A line of of remaining envelopes on the side.

There is an Indian movie call “Mohabattein”, English translation would be Love Stories. In it, a person who could never profess their love ends up having to confess it in a split moment before their loved one left forever. Seeing the urgency of the situation and having no paper in hand, they end up confessing their love on a piece of leaf. The love is reciprocated with a positive response on the other side of the leaf.

This movie made a mark on me, as I am an optimist & hopeless romantic, the moment I saw the same leaves in Fall I knew I had to do the same. So I wrote 37 letters of appreciation to people in my life on the leaf. Along with the leaf, I also added small personal momentums I had gathered over the years with these people. Here, in one of the installation you see - the leaf, a hand written note, a movie stub and an ice cream receipt all of which I shared with my best friend - Pankhuri.


See below some of the installations from The Mohabattein Project and my artistic process during this project in video form.

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