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  • Mithila Malaviya

15 Years Later

Updated: May 1

I wish you were here. Yes, I have kept all the things you gave me safe-

Dignity, honour, ideals and morals. They are all here waiting to be seen by you. I guess you left before I got the chance to implement them.

I am not too upset. I know you strung along with Grandpa. Parents go hand in hand, mom would have followed dad. But I wonder if we had not been estranged, Mom and dad would be in the same bed and I, in the same country.

I am doing well enough.

I still sleep the same, in the mornings. Unlike you, in the afternoons. Right after you had all the water filled up, before the cut-off.

Buckets and buckets full, I used to wonder if that was us.

No, I am not digressing.

I did wonder if you filled up the canisters, thinking they were us. The petit was me, bulky was grandpa and a two-toned pair was mom and dad.

At least that's what I always thought, you were the drops and we were the pitchers! You filled the pails with knowledge, vigour, mettle and passion.

I am using them all. The vigour has gotten me here, gaining all the knowledge.

I am using the power to keep going, even in this condition.

And passion? Well, you know me. No one can take passion away from a hopeless romantic.

Yes, mom is still flustered.

I guess her bucket burst a hole, she is spilling everywhere.

She is studying more than me and might just rub off on dad.

She is very far away, but you are further. I do not know how to deal with either of your absences.

Do you love me more? Can you please remedy this once and for all?

Dad still believes you love him more. He overflows with emotions every time I bring it up.

And does not sleep those nights that I do.

Can you pass a message? To grandpa, I miss him and his betel leaves. I miss your garden and him rinsing it when he had nothing to do.

I guess you were right, he never really had friends. But you grew him some.

I also befriended that garden. I still try to recreate the flowers in my paintings.

They are not even close to the charmers you had.

You grew some breathtaking beauties.

Along with dad, mom and me.

If I had one wish, I would wish you here. Along with grandpa.

But you can not wish back the dead. I just might sell my soul to the devil.

Maybe he can bring you two back.

I never got a goodbye. I was never given a chance. No one let me have my closure. But I guess that's why I still have you in my heart,

While the rest have made their peace.

I wish you were here. But I guess that's what life handed me.

I conclude you did a great job. I can not find any holes in my bucket!

Lovingly, your granddaughter.


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