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  • Mithila Malaviya

If I wake up tomorrow in 2017

If I wake up tomorrow in 2017, I would be living in Paris, studying art in my second year, fully committed to a man who is absolute vain in the long run and wait my impending health crisis.

Now I could go about this in two ways - One I run to tell everyone what we should do to get back my 2024 life to live it sooner and be this happy, sooner. Or two, I make minor adjustments to get to where I am now but better.

I mean think about one!!! I would be able to ignore 5 years of pain! I would be able to get the right man to Paris! I would be able to connect with my friends better! I would paint more. I would dance more. I would live just 10% more. Because I was already quite happy. I was just confused.

I would never go to new york and meet the lovely people I did. I would never be an artists assistant. I would have never gone in heavy depression. I would not have made ashram 25. I would not have gained weight. I would not have anger issues. I would have been closer to my family. I would be less afraid. I would have loved myself more.

Okay now two. I would enjoy my lovely time in Paris. I would disconnect with friends that were wrong for me. I would have ended my relationship earlier. I would have explored my sexuality sooner. I would have been rich in New York. I would have had a torrid love affair with another artist.

But my life would have been too nice to never return to India. I would have never gotten therapy. I would have never worked on myself. I would have had tons of sexual regrets. I would have done things immaturely. And, I would not have met my man at the exact point in time we should have met.

Pick one?


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