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  • Mithila Malaviya

Canamo & Calendula

In the heart of a mist-covered forest, in a time when the world seemed suspended in melancholic beauty, there lived a boy named Canamo and a girl known as Calendula. Both of them bore the weight of past sorrows that had carved deep chasms in their souls. Once bright and vibrant, love now appeared elusive, like a fading dream.

Canamo had grown up in a home where the echoes of harsh words and shattered promises had become a relentless storm in his heart. Each day seemed darker than the last, and he had come to believe that his ability to give love had been shattered long ago.

Calendula, on the other hand, had been raised in the shadow of a significant loss. The love she had known had slipped through her fingers like refined grains of sand, and she had resigned herself to believing that she was unworthy of receiving love from another.

One fateful day, beneath the canopy of ancient trees, Canamo and Calendula's paths converged in the heart of the forest. Their eyes met in a fleeting moment of recognition, and it was as if the melancholic spirits of the woods themselves had orchestrated their meeting.

Their existence became intertwined, two fragile souls seeking solace in one another. They would often wander through the mist-draped forest, speaking little, for their hearts knew the language of silence and shared sorrow.

In each other's presence, they felt the faint glimmers of love they had once known. The memory of a love that had warmed their hearts in days long past still whispered in the rustling leaves and danced in the ethereal light that filtered through the dense foliage. It was a love both had thought they had lost forever.

Canamo, though too broken to give love, would offer Calendula small gestures of kindness, and in her acceptance, he found a spark of hope. Calendula, although too damaged to accept love, would listen to Canamo's stories and share her own, and in his understanding, she discovered the tenderness she thought she could never receive again.

They kept believing in love as they had experienced it before, even though they felt it was out of reach in the world beyond the forest. Their passion, shrouded in the mist of melancholia, bloomed like wildflowers in the shade of ancient trees.

But the forest knew, as forests often do, that not all stories are meant to last. The seasons changed, and as the world outside shifted, the bond between Canamo and Calendula weakened. They realized they had to part, each seeking to heal their fractured hearts and discover the true nature of love once more.

As they bid each other farewell, their eyes met for the last time, and in that moment, they understood that they would forever cherish the love they had found in the forest's melancholic embrace. The memory of their brief but profound connection would linger like a haunting melody, a testament to the enduring beauty of love, even in the most broken of souls.


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