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Artistic Philosophy
& Themes

MaaKasam, known in the art world as Mithila Malaviya, is a multidisciplinary artist who masterfully navigates over 18 different mediums. Her philosophy centers on the belief that content supersedes the medium, driving her to meticulously hone her skills until the chosen medium perfectly conveys her conceptual vision. This relentless pursuit of harmony between medium and message allows her to execute her ideas with unparalleled precision and emotional depth.

Drawing from her extensive portfolio, MaaKasam’s style is characterized by its dynamic use of color and form, creating a visual dialogue that speaks directly to the viewer’s psyche. Her works often feature vivid imagery juxtaposed with subtle cultural motifs, inviting deeper contemplation of the themes she explores. Whether through large-scale installations or intimate portraits, her art consistently challenges conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and cultural discovery.

In summary, MaaKasam’s work is a testament to her dedication to both the craft and the message. Her ability to seamlessly integrate psychological insights with cultural narratives sets her apart as a truly innovative and thought-provoking artist.

MaaKasam, a multidisciplinary artist, masterfully navigates the realms of psychology and cultural heritage. Her work intricately examines the human mind, often employing illusions that challenge perception and invite introspection. This exploration pushes viewers to question their reality, reflecting her deep interest in psychological nuances. Concurrently, MaaKasam is profoundly connected to her Indian heritage. She delves into the origins and interconnectedness of diverse cultures, crafting art that is both intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching. This duality offers a profound commentary on the intertwined human experience, inviting a deeper understanding of our shared histories and mental landscapes.

MaaKasam's artistic journey began at the renowned Paris College of Art in Paris, France, a prestigious institution noted for nurturing avant-garde creatives. There, she laid the foundation of her diverse artistic skills. Seeking broader horizons, she transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York, a school acclaimed for its notable alumni like filmmakers Morten Tyldum and Carlos Saldanha. This transcontinental education endowed her with a diverse and expansive perspective, infusing her work with a unique blend of Eastern and Western artistic sensibilities. The varied environments of Paris and New York City have profoundly influenced her creative process, enhancing her ability to communicate complex ideas through her art.

Educational Background


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2021

Paris College of Art, Paris, France

  • Fine Arts Studies

Honors and Awards

  • 2021

Received Honors in the BFA Fine Arts program at SVA
Recipient of the Senior Scholarship

  • 2019

Recipient of the SVA Fine Arts Departmental Grant, based on Merit
SVA UG Fine Arts Award

  • 2018

Recipient of the PCA Departmental Grant, based on Merit

Selected Exhibitions and




  • No Means No, Paris Group Show, Screen Print, Group Exhibition


  • Waves of Emotion (3 pieces), New York SVA Gallery, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, Group Exhibition
    Pieces Available on: Mutual Art


  • Kim Young Soo Raku Firing, Kolkata, Documentary, Group Exhibition
    Availability: YouTube


  • Kim Young Soo Raku Firing, MAI Art Ichol Festival, Madhya Pradesh, Documentary, Group Exhibition
    Availability: YouTube

  • Lara Saget: Conversation Between Stone and Palm, Madhya Pradesh, Documentary, Group Exhibition
    Availability: YouTube

  • Kanchan Karjee: Personification of Motivation, Madhya Pradesh, Documentary, Group Exhibition
    Availability: YouTube


  • Ravi Kumar: A Sculptor in Relationship, China, Documentary, Group Exhibition
    Availability: YouTube

Artist's Favourites

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